Monday, 27 April 2015

Fire through sacrifice

Everyone wants the anointing, we all sit in prayer meetings, but few will make the sacrifice of a life devoted to God. There is a price to pay in service to God, there is a cross we have to carry. The Apostle Paul describes this sacrifice as 'reasonable' (Romans 12:1). Once God fills you with fire, it's your responsibility to keep it burning! The older I get, the more power I have, the more fire I have! I'm more on fire now than when I was first baptised in the Holy Spirit. That's how it should be! The fire shouldn't go out, it should burn brighter! How do we keep the fire burning? Sacrifice. The more sacrifice you put on God's altar the greater the fire of God in your life. What was God's command to the priests in the Temple? Don't let the fire go out! And how were they instructed to keep it burning? Sacrifice (Leviticus 6:13). It is the same in your life and mine.

Many believers are seeking a new anointing, a new power, something extra to what they already have, some new spiritual phenomena. I went to Jerusalem forty years ago without receiving a new anointing. Why? What I am seeking is already within me! I have it now, I am not waiting for a new anointing, I have all the power I need in my spirit now! How? 70 years ago I was seeking to be filled, baptised with the Holy Spirit. When I received, it was a manifestation of fire, of power, speaking with tongues like they did on the Day of Pentecost - and miracles soon began to follow. What a baptism of Power and of Fire I received that day! I received the Holy Spirit, all the mighty Power of God, everything. Now that powerful anointing which before had been outside of me, that third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, was now IN ME! There is only one Holy Spirit - HE is IN me! Not outside, I am not waiting for another Holy Spirit - HE, the Spirit who raised up Jesus from the dead, who was in Paul and Peter, that mighty, miracle-working power of the Great God I am boasting about, is in me now, and HE has been in me for over 70 years! I cannot receive any greater power than that I already have, in me now! That is why I do not seek a new experience and that is why the FIRE has not gone out for 70 years! Yes I am different now to what I was 70 years ago. But notice HE is not different, I am! During 70 years HE has cleaned out a lot of myself and pride, my own works, and because I am not perfect, He will continue to do so until I am raptured into glory.

'Peace like a river' used by kind permission of Vinesong

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