Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Faith moves mountains!

I want you to be the strongest believers anywhere in the world: people with fire, people with power, people who pray, people who will change the world! 

When there is a crisis in our lives our only hope is Christ, our only strategy is prayer. You - we - have to get an answer from God! When Jesus was on the earth, people asked Him direct for what they wanted. - We have to do the same, but through prayer. We have to learn again the power and effectiveness of prayer. We also have to learn how to get an answer to our problems.

Mark 11:22-23 is so revolutionary, so powerful, it will change your life! Jesus said: "Have faith in God!" Did you hear? - Have faith in God! Then He said (v23): "Truly I say to you, whoever you are, look up, see the mountain over there - if you have got faith in God, you will say to that mountain 'be cast down into the sea' and if you don't doubt in your heart but believe that what you say will happen, you shall have whatever you say!" Wow! If you really believe what you say, you will speak - and the mountain will move! Whatever you say, if you speak with faith and authority, and don't doubt, you will be healed, your family will be blessed, your financial burden will move - even if these things are mountains in your life!

Do you want God's blessing, healing deliverance? If you believe what you say, and don't doubt in your heart, you will have the answer you are looking for! Jesus said it! Do you have mountains in your life? Have faith in God! Command them to go! God's in the business of moving mountains! But you must declare (and actually believe, with no doubts), that in the Name of Jesus, they shall be moved!

We've got to begin to understand the positive! Too often we fill our minds with negatives! Speak words of faith and victory - then the mountain will move!


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