Monday, 22 June 2015

Who is this Jesus?

In Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus was asleep, a storm arose, so the disciples woke Him saying, 'Don't you care, we're going to die! It's the end of the world...' Jesus got up, bound the storm, the winds stopped, the boat was safe, nobody died. When these strong fishermen saw the demonstration of the power that this Man had over the elements, they said, 'What kind of Man do we have in the boat?' Just as Jesus was in the middle of that storm on Galilee, today, wherever, whenever there is a crisis, a tragedy, sickness, sin, fear or pain in your life, Jesus is always there!

God is saying to you, Jesus is the only one who can deliver! He wants to reach out to you! You need to find Him, not just for your miracle of healing, but to be set free, delivered from that sin, that problem you cannot get rid of. The drug addict, the alcoholic cannot deliver themselves. You cannot break free - until you have the faith and the courage to step out of your sickness, step out of your sin and come to Jesus! You say, "I cannot see Him!" I will admit, the greater your pain the harder it is to see Jesus. The bigger your sin, the greater your shame, the harder it is to find Him. It's like darkness, you cannot see Him. I have never seen Jesus, but He found me! If you will leave your sin and your sickness and have the courage and the faith to step out in your darkness, you will find new life and new strength. I KNOW what will happen, in that moment of faith Jesus becomes closer to you than ever before! He breaks the barrier of distance, He comes directly to you.

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