Monday, 1 June 2015

Do Exploits!

'EXPLOITS'! Do we as Christians really understand what this means? German and Russian and Danish translations don't put it strongly enough! It's watered down! Daniel, the exiled Jewish refugee in Babylon, is the prophet best known for his end-time prophecies, from the translation of Nebuchadnezzar's Image to the prophetic visions of the works of the devil, and all the demonic things that are going to happen before the end of the age and the return of Christ. While many would debate the complexities of the visions and their time-scale, here, by the Holy Spirit, the man who is talking so much about all this evil, issues a direct challenge to the Church! He says, 'BUT - in these evil days that are coming - the people who KNOW their God won't be weak! They won't be defeated! They'll be on FIRE! And they are going to do EXPLOITS!' Miracles? I don't know what your Bible translation says, but I KNOW what God is saying! EXPLOITS are things other people can't or don't do! If you're going to do an EXPLOIT, it's something that your friends don't do, something that even the Church doesn't do, something that other pastors, other evangelists don't do. It's going to be something bigger, more powerful!

You can't do EXPLOITS unless you KNOW the power your God has! I have such battles with Christians over the question of belief! I have experienced God doing things that were impossible in my own life - so many times - that to me He has become the God of the impossible! From experience I can say, "With God ALL things are possible, everything He does is a miracle!" What kind of a 'God' do you have? The only limitation God has is our belief in His power - He can do ANYTHING we ask and believe He can do!! Mark 11:23-4. My God's power is totally UNLIMITED - because I KNOW who He really is!

Listen to today's podcast: DO EXPLOITS!

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