Monday, 16 February 2015

A glorious future

Call upon Jesus! When you are in distress, when you are in trouble, when all the problems of life have come upon you, you will find God if you search for Him from just where you are. Today, God has given you a solemn promise of a glorious future. I want you to let these words sink into your spirit this year: God has a bright future for you, He is bringing you out into abundance. An abundance of health, joy, peace: He will give you an abundance of every good thing. You've been through the fire now it's time to enjoy the blessing (Ps 66:12).

I know many reading this have secret problems you cannot share. They are too deep, too hurtful, you cannot open up. Just tell everything to Jesus. It's the only way to be healed, delivered, set free. Talk to Him. He's listening. He loves you – He'll answer. You are not forgotten or insignificant, to Him you are precious and valuable. Reach out to Him right now, just call His Name, 'Jesus'.

Will you come home to your Father's love? If you want this new life, if you will receive Him, I want to pray with you: 'Oh God, become a Father to those reading this, comfort and deliver them. Give them a new hope and a bright future in Jesus' Name.'

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