Monday, 11 July 2016

God is moving by the Power of the Holy Spirit

My God is the greatest and most powerful God in all the world and He is about to work the greatest miracles of all time. Yes, we are about to write the sequel to the Acts of the Apostles - yes, we are about to see the fulfilment of the Book of Revelation. And let me shout this loud enough to wake even the dead and bring Elijah back - Jesus is coming soon! I want you to know that, as for me, I believe the Book - 'in the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh says the Lord' - Joel 2:28. I personally am ready to go. I am fired up, filled up, powered up, on my feet, ticket and sword in my hand, ready to go now. No power on earth or from hell can stop me. I'm not too old, too poor, too tired, too weak or ready to quit! If God could use Moses, David, Elijah, He can use me. I have the same Holy Spirit power they had, I believe in the same God, and I am already filled with revival fire. No more waiting - the urgency of the crisis alone is call enough - I have already seen the power of God in action, received a ten-fold more powerful anointing, preached the Gospel, won the lost and dying, healed the sick...!  We must get back to the authority of the Bible. When God answers, He does it by a miracle. The only real evidence of the reality of God that I find in my Bible is the miraculous.

In these last days God is saying to the church, NOW, "I am prepared to do something greater, bigger, more miraculous than anything that has ever been seen before in the earth, or in the church." God is about to do the greatest miracles the world has ever seen. He's going to raise up men like Elijah, men with an anointing to do the greater works than Jesus did! - John 14:12. Why? Because we are living in the days of the return of Christ, when we're going to see Revival Fire bursting on the church, until we are working and believing and moving into spiritual victory - all in the preparation for the glorious return of Jesus!

People will ask, "Has anybody ever seen or heard anything like this before?" God is moving today by the Holy Spirit, but we haven't yet seen the REAL Glory of God, what He CAN do, but it WILL come! Yes, before Christ comes, in my lifetime, God is going to reveal His Glory on earth! I'm determined to see it!

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