Monday, 24 August 2015

One touch from Jesus

A ruler in the synagogue came to Jesus and said, 'My daughter is dying; if You will lay Your hands on her, she will live!' So Jesus began to journey to the man's house. But while He was on His way, a crowd gathered around Him. In that crowd is a woman. She is in a critical condition. The Bible says she had been bleeding for 12 years; she had spent all her money on doctors in a vain attempt to get well. But the doctors could do nothing. And in actual fact, after all her treatment, she was worse.

Through this story I want to show you that there is a solution to every problem and crisis. In your struggle, in your battle for survival, reach out and find Jesus. What mystery there is in touch. When a child is born, that first touch by the mother means so much. She has carried the child for 9 months yet has never touched him; and in that first touch her hopes and dreams are realised. Do you understand how important physical contact is? The child falling over in the street cries out; there is only one comfort, when the mother comes, picks up the child and tenderly embraces him. A mother's touch is an expression of her love. It is the same with Jesus. These two people in Mark 5 recognised that if they can just touch Him a miracle will happen.

'Angels beckon me to come a little closer. Then Lord You said to me, leave behind your problems. Fears and troubles, some untold, surrounded by Your love. My tears You'll wipe away. To lean upon Your promises, never turning from You away.' - (Lamb of God)

Be encouraged as you listen to this week's podcast: One touch from Jesus.

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