Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Two times God's

There was a little boy who loved boats. So the little boy asked his father to help him make a model boat. They got a bit of wood, fashioned the boat, made a mast with a sail, and they took it to the lake. The boat picked up the wind and it sailed, faster and faster. The boy was so excited: "Look, dad, my beautiful boat!" But suddenly the wind became so strong, the boat was gone! They couldn't reach it. It was lost. The boy was crying, "I've lost my boat! It's gone!" But a few days later, he was in the market and on one of the stalls he saw his boat! He said, "That's my boat!" The stall holder said, "It's not yours. If you want the boat you have to buy it! You cannot have it!"

The boy was crying. He went home to his father, and his father gave him some money. He went back to the shop and he had to buy back his own boat! He ran home shouting, "I've got my boat back! It's two times mine!" His dad asked, "What do you mean?" The boy replied, "It's mine because I made it! It was lost, but I've bought it back! It's two times mine!"

You are two times God's! God made you. You were lost in sin. God searched everywhere for you. Then He sent His Son Jesus and He found you. Although you were lost in sin, He paid a high price to buy you back. That's why the Bible says there is so much joy in Heaven over every sinner who repents! Jesus says, "You are two times mine!"

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