Monday, 25 January 2016

You Answered Me

It is not too late to receive your miracle. Your circumstances are not too far gone. Jesus has power to heal and resurrect. When Jairus found Jesus, he thought he just needed a healing miracle, but what Jesus had in mine was something far greater, He was going to resurrect Jairus's daughter.

I have often found that God's first priority before answering our prayers is to build our faith. We know from reading the Bible that nothing is impossible, but in order to receive, there must be a building process, a growing in faith, not giving up. Jairus knew Jesus could heal his daughter, but that faith had to turn from 'head' knowledge to an absolute unshakable conviction that Jesus could work the miracle no matter how dire the circumstance. When Jairus was told "Your daughter is dead, there is no use troubling the Teacher now". Jesus immediately turned to Jairus and said, "Don't be afraid, just trust Me."

Believer, YOU are so near to the answer in your own life. Why look at the problems which make the fulfilment impossible? Look to Jesus believing He is able to answer every prayer.

'When I am weak You make me strong. When I am tired You give me strength. Lord lift me up so I can see, how wonderful You are to me. You answered me when I have called. When I was sad You made me glad. You quench my thirst from Your hidden stream. You've touched my heart with Your love and peace.' - You Answered Me by Vinesong

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